Rpa gate access to Slaughter-on-Vaal

Slaughter-on-Vaal (SOV) is the main club waters for the RPA.

To gain access to SOV, you will enter through 2 gates.  The first gate has an electric gate motor for your safety and convenience.  Please take note of the following pointers when entering through this gate:

  • Access is strictly for members only
  • Please do not tail-gate when entering
  • Please keep membership card on hand for check at second gate
  • Keep RPA key on hand. In case of power failure, the gate will be switched to manual and will be locked.
  • Your mobile phone will act as a remote to open the gate. No additional costs to member
  • The system records the time of entry and the number that activated the gate. In case of unauthorized entry, the member who activated the gate will be called before MANCOM for an enquiry.


Opening the gate:  071 717 4582

  • Please save the number for the gate in your contacts: 071 717 4582.
  • The *primary cell indicated on the membership form is programmed in the system (G-switch). This means in order to open the gate, you must phone the number for the gate from this phone*.
  • You can open the gate with a Missed Call (no cost), a Please Call me or a sms from your programmed number.
  • Your Caller ID on your phone must be “ON” for the system to recognise the number.
  • Your number will only work if your membership is up to date.


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